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 Product advantages:
1, ultra lightweight: single box 5-7.5KG, 70-100mm thick;

2. Ultra-high refresh rate: It can ensure that the high-definition camera and camera can capture the delicate high-definition display screen;

3, low brightness and high ash performance: under low brightness, the display is uniform and has good consistency.

4. High contrast: Mask design, black SMD, non-reflective surface, large viewing angle, good display effect;

5. High uniformity of brightness and color: high-quality selected light-emitting devices of the same batch to ensure a higher uniformity;

6, adopt advanced concealed scheme: eliminate dark and ghosting completely.

7. High reliability and long life: The design of direct insertion adapter board simplifies the connection in the box, effectively reduces the problem of bad connection, and reduces signal attenuation and interference. High-quality light-emitting devices ensure high reliability and long life.

8. Seamless quick splicing, simple maintenance: the use of locking structure to make splicing operation simple and convenient without tools;

9. Noise-free: silent design, no air conditioning, fan installation, eliminate noise, reduce power consumption, save energy;

10. Real-time Error Detection Function: It can independently detect whether each LED is Open-Circuit or not without additional external components, and can eliminate the cross problems caused by it.

parameter LED rental shaft aluminum series
Pixel spacing 3.91mm
Pixel density 65410 point / ㎡
LED Lamp tube configuration


Type of LED lamp SMD2121
Vision (angle) level≥160°,vertical ≥160°

1500cd / ㎡

Driving mode 1/16 scan
Gray level 16384 level
refresh frequency ≥2000Hz
Module Size 250*250mm
Dimension 500*500
Cabinet material Pressure aluminium
Box weight 6kg
Average power 300W /㎡
maximum power 700W /㎡
Maintenance mode Post maintenance
IP level IP54
Operating temperature / humidity temperature:-30℃ ~ 50℃ / humidity :10 ~ 90%RH
Storage temperature / humidity temperature:-40℃ ~ 60℃ /  humidity :10 ~ 90%RH
working life ≥50000h



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